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Founded in 1947 under the name of "Aurora  "

in all these years, the company has managed to stay alongside the great historical names in coffee machines, thanks to its commitment and humility in keeping up with innovation without forgetting its tradition. The company is currently run by the third generation of the Brugnetti family.
70 years of experience in three generations.
After twenty years of experience working for a coffee machine company, Giuseppe Brugnetti founded the "Officine Brugnetti" company, which produced coffee machines, whipped creamers, milkshakes and chopping machines under the "Aurora" brand name.  
The first coffee machines consisted of a vertically positioned boiler (column-shaped coffee machines) and a coal heating system typical of the time.

The 1950s
Materials such as copper and stainless steel began to be used in the manufacture of coffee machines, the design and aesthetics were improved, and the hydraulic unit and lever unit were introduced.
The 1960s
Coffee machines were launched on the market. By installing a rotary pump, they provided the pressure needed to brew coffee, which had previously been created by hydraulic groups that required an exaggerated consumption of water, or by lever-type groups that provided excellent performance but were slow and tiring for the user.

Studies began on the application of dosing systems, initially timed and then volumetric, which were also managed electronically.

End of the 80s beginning of the 90s
The company is passed on to his son Paolo, who from now on is responsible for the design and manufacture of coffee machines, increasing the size of the company as it grows, especially on world markets.
The name "Aurora" was replaced by "Brugnetti" to better identify both the company and the product's distinctly Italian origins.

From this moment OFFICINE BRUGNETTI redesigns its image. They acquire a new building with a large warehouse where they can produce more machines, adopt a more advanced logistic system, optimize product design with the help of a designer.  The company exports 98% of its turnover all over the world

The 70th anniversary of the birth of the company is celebrated. In this occasion the new coffee machine "GIULIA" is born, customizable by the customer in the technical features and colours, with thermosiphonic system of the uncovered automatic dispensing group.

The "GIULIA" model is restyled with technical improvements such as shot timers, uncovered groups and rear panel with new led graphics. A new smaller and more compact version "GIULIA Compact" was designed, prepared for connection to the water mains and with inside water tank.         
The company exports 98% of its turnover all over the world.

Our model "C" coffee machine was requested by the Vin Vin Contemporary Art Gallery in Vienna (Austria) www.vinvin.eu and exhibited by the artist Joakim Martinussen at the "Operativa Arte Contemporanea" gallery. in Rome during the exhibition held from 03.03.2017 to 15.04.2017.
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