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La storia delle macchine per caffè passa anche attraverso noi.

Therefore in 1947 under the name of Aurora Brugnetti, the historic company has been "survived" to the great historical names of espresso machines, keeping the machines up to date with the newest technologies.

The Company located in Novate Milanese (Milan), founded by Caveliere Giuseppe Brugnetti, is now in charge by three generations of the family Brugnetti. His son Paolo since 1980 and his children, Simona and Andrea, since 2010.

70 years of experience in three generations.

After twenty years of experience at another manufacturer of espresso machines Caveliere Brugnetti founded the Company "officine Brugnetti" with the brand name "Aurora" for commercial espresso machines, mixers, beaters, milkshakers and ice crushers.

In the first period the boiler of the espresso maker was installed in a vertical position with a heating system typical for that time.

In this period we introduced the automatic volumetric hydraulic system and lever groups.

In this period we develloped the machines with the rotary pump system to replace the volumetric hydraulic system because of the exaggerated consumption of water this type of machine was using. The lever machines remained because they make a excellent cup of coffee although they are however too labour intensive for the user.

In this period we began to study the possibility to dose coffee by a timer and later to dose the coffee electronically.

The late'80s, early 90's
ïhe company was kansíerred to his son Paolo, who from now on will be in charge of design and manufacturing oÍ espresso cofíee machines and expanding the size of the company to the world wide markets.
The name "Aurora" has been replaced by the name "Brugnetti' to better identify Brugnetti espresso coffee makers as an ltalian product.

The activities under the name oÍ "workshops Brugnetti" remains a Íamily run business under vision of a new dynamic management through the children Andrea and Simona Brugnetti.
The finishing of the espresso machines is done ín the traditional way, the components are entirely assembled in the factory, the most important parts oí the espresso machine (i.e. group, boiler, etc.) are developed through technical design using premium materials such as brass, copper, steel, all made in ltaly.
The Brugnetti company exports 98% of its production throughout the world.

The design of the model "Alpha" with a graphic touch screen captivating and extensive Wi-Fi connection that, along with the models "Brera" and "Gamma" of compact size, are increasingly in line with the needs oÍ this time.

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